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Is that it for my Red Ball Sponge

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So I bought a Red Ball Sponge from my LFS a week ot two ago now, and during the transplant into the tank my daughter exposed a good portion of it to air. Over the course of a few days the preety red coating on the sponge seemed to slew off and now I am seeing most of the white fibers we see with dead sponges however there is still some red inside of it and a little on the outskirts.

Does it have any hope of comming back, or should I just remove it from the tank?

Thanks for any advice.



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Keep it in the tank, it has a chance I coming back I had my blue sponge die back first time when I first got it lost maybe half of it which all grew back was slow though. second time when I was breakin down my tank accidentally ripped a chunk off both times it came back it takes about two weeks for the die off to crumble off but it should be good. Some sponges release spores when they are torn or die off you might get little ones popping up around the tank in a few weeks, I found blue spong inmy tank in places I hadn't put it near. Good luck.

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Leave it in the tank and feed extremely heavily (drip feed around the clock if you can) so it gets enough nutrition to regrow

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