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which model did you guys get? anyone have luck with the $60 RODI portable unit 50GPD?

That thing was a POS. I don't know why those fitting leak because the 150GPD one I have from another ebay seller that works great. i was worried because of the PureWaterclub unit had the same fittings but had not had an issue yet.

I would recommend you just spend the money for a 3 stage filter with the 10" canisters. When you upgrade the unit to John Guest type fittings that's almost half the cost of this unit.

What I found weird is that the 2 pre-filters didn't filter squat! I was hoping it would lower the TDS but readings before and after didn't show any change?



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No sediment or carbon block filters TDS. They are rated at somewhere between 0.5 microns on a good name brand reef quality system to 10 or more microns on most ebay quality systems.
TDS or dissolved solids are in the 0.0001 micron range, many many times smaller and are the work of the RO membrane and the DI resin.
The sediment andcarbon blocks sole purpose is to protect the more expensive RO membrane which in turn protects the DI resin. The better the quality and lower the micron ranges, the better job they do of protecting the membrane and resin and the lower the cost of ownership and operation.

You reall do get what you pay for and ebay is not where you want to shop for quality.
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