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Pistol Shrimp Question

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Is it safe to keep peppermint or cleaner shrimp in a 10 gallon with a pistol shrimp ? I saw a video of a pistol snapping and killing a cleaner.




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General consensus is that video is a setup. After a large number of comments that I've read, they are generally very peaceful and would only likely defend themselves if they felt threatened. I've heard accounts of at least two dozen people keeping pistols with cleaner shrimp. Enough so that I ordered a pistol/goby combo. I have two cleaners.

I'm not sure on the peppermint shrimp.

I should also say that every critter has it's own personality and behaves a little different. You could run into an exception to what normally works.

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Most of the time you have nothing to worry about. I have kept almost every type of shrimp with pistols and have never had an issue. If I can keep Bongo Shrimp and sexy shrimp with pistols, you certainly can keep cleaners with them. I haven't seen that video but it even sounds like a set up to me.
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The video isn't a set up so much as a specific species of pistol shrimp that is predatory on other shrimp. Its a non-pairing species that pistol pew pew's other food items from its hole, stuns them, then drags them into its den for the kill.

It's a nature show video that someone cut just that portion out and stuck it on youtube. I want to say they even have that clip in Blue Planet, but I am not positive on that.

The pistols we get in the trade that pair with gobies are safe.



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Excellent !!! I was wondering the same thing.thanks for the info will be pairing a goby &pistol and snagging a skunk cleaner!!!

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