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Suitable snail for 3 gallon?

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I'm not sure why, probably my low budget Finnex clamp on lamp, but, starting to get some green going on on my LR. I'm doing 20% water changes once or twice a week. Is there a snail that will help me, without starving to death in a short time?
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Dwarf Ceriths are good algae eaters but don't require a lot to live. My larger snails have all started dropping off since I have almost no algae in the tank, but those dwarf ceriths are up on the glass cleaning every day.

Getting back to the fact you aren't sure why you're getting algae. Have you tested the water you're using for top-off and for water changes? I'm going to say that the vast majority of algae outbreaks can be traced back to the source water.



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Also post pics

Depending how things looks you may need to manually remove it
After the fact snail/crab/anything additions to remove algae work about 10% of the time-usually they don't go where you want them to
one very old pico
Got that way by:
Problem algae growth has nothing to do with excess of anything in many natural settings and in most reef tanks its not a nutrient issue, its due to purposely letting it take over. algae is present on zero po4 natural reefs simply where grazers haven't grazed, so how is po4 the root of all invasions?

Quit chasing phosphate. Last decade was nitrate, neither are the key to preventing tank invasions. become your own grazer



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My margarita snails do great

and emerald crabs
I like spongebob 
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margarita or black turbo snails are not true tropical snails. they are temperate water snails and in temps above 77 they really don't last that long. most of the time anyway. I loooove Nerite snails. small, efficient, pretty shells, and they like to get where the glass meets the sand. they clean that are better than i can.



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I would agree with the above post, Margarites are not a good choice. They have a tendency to crawl out of the tank and there survival is iffy. I have tried Ceriths, Dwarf and Large but I have had little luck with survival.

+1 Nerite is my favorite snail and the Tapestry Nerite Snail sold by Reefs2go is the best choice for a Pico. They are small, attractive, great survival and will stay in the tank, best of all do a good job cleaning the algae from your rocks.

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Check if your LFS has this type of snails and try one:

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