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Nuvo or Not to Nuvo? Newb here

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just post them here. No one cares. ;)

As the original author of this thread, I don't care lol, go for it :)

And as an update to this thread, I purchased the Nuvo 16 lol, and I LOVE it! Check out my thread to see pictures. Almost coral time!




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As approved :), here's some pics of our IM 38g. Our corals love it- and have totally grown since moving from our 8g. Even under the actinic (sp?) blue LED's, they continue to stay open all night.
Everyone is eating and healthy and never had a bad reaction to the move.
Just before these pics, we moved the frogspawn and the zoa's, so they are bit shrunk.
Our maxi-mini's love it, and the hammer is only one week old, and thriving.
Acans as well- bigger than they've ever been.

A couple more...pic on the right was the rock scape BEFORE livestock.

Livestock- 2 oc clowns, 1 mandarin goby (still hiding), one cleaner shrimp, assorted snails and a bazillion crabs.

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