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Teardrop Eyebrow Picasso Clownfish

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Whatup Nano-Reef!

Just wanted to share a few pics of some sweet clowns that are on site and available right now. These are primo designer clownfish at very affordable prices. Feel free to pm me any questions, email on AlphaCorals.com, or at AlphaCorals@gmail.com

View all of our clownfish here

Teardrop Eyebrow JCA Picasso - It will develop much more black that will darken

Posted Image

Posted Image

The side of this Picasso makes me think of a skull

This is a Pair with the next four pictures representing all sides of these two clowns.

Posted Image

And then this side looks like a dogs head, see the ear?

Posted Image

We only charge $189 for a pair like this plus shipping. Amazing! You can tell that this one will become dark black! and with a pattern like that and a partial helmet!

Posted Image

I love that wave!

Posted Image

Thanks for looking!
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