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Wowed once again!

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Mr. Microscope

Mr. Microscope

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Just wanted to post an official big
from Mr. Microscope.

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I won't give away numbers, but I now have a virtual army of dwarf ceriths cleaning every nook and cranny of my rock. Let's just say it took me a while to count them all. Also, I put them all in a 150mm petri dish (about 6 inches in diameter (yes, i needed one that big)) in my tank so that I could remove any that didn't make the journey. Long story short, the entire dish was empty within a couple hours. Every one of these little suckers made it in one piece! Additionally, they threw in an extra nassarius vibex (oops!).

I am extremely happy with the order I received from ReefCleaners.

Rock and Roll!
Mr. M



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you should get that smiley face tattooed on your thumb! good to hear only good things once again about reef cleaners, I need a cuc!



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THat is awesome! :) Thanks Mr microscope!