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The Orphek Difference

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The Orphek Difference

The majority of the components of our lights, from the housing to the diodes themselves, are made by us, for us. There are no cheaply made components in any of our products. Combined with our meticulous attention to detail in terms of internal configuration, cooling, lens & optic design, and more, and you have an LED light that truly will last 10+ years (not just the emitter, but the entire light!) operating in a salty, humid environment, and saving you thousands of dollars in electrical bills in the process. Once you experience our superior LED lighting, you won’t look back.

Apples to apples comparison doesn’t work with our product when compared to other LED products, and here’s why:

We use our own diodes, developed after two years of research that are spectrally superior, more efficient (in terms of electrical consumption to PUR output), and emit a greater percentage of light as photosynthetically useable radiation than do the Cree or Luxeon diodes offered by other LED fixtures. The diode is driven by high quality, constant-current electronics which prevent spectral shift due to line current variance and allow for a very well modulated light output. We then outfit the diodes with a lens from an advanced optical company that greatly reduces water surface refraction and reflection so that more light makes it to your coral.

If you take apart any other LED light on the market today, you can see that after 2-4 years many units on the market will most likely begin to fail (not to mention spectral and light output degradation) due to their inferior circuits, drivers and other electronics, even if the emitters themselves are rated for 10+ years. Another downfall of cheap internal electronics: they can lose efficiency quickly, often 30% in the first 2-5 years, so while they may continue to operate for the advertised 50,000 hours, it will be at a much lower output than at the time of purchase.

If you take apart one of our PR-156 units for example, you will see the high quality components, superior PCBs, a full length active cooled heatsink, and under-driven LEDs for a vastly increased lifespan (10-15 years with less than 30% luminous output decay) with slower and much less output degradation. Each light is built by hand, and every component of our light is tested in-house. No other manufacturer or fixture offers these benefits, and our PR-156 line is the only LED solution that is truly a replacement for hot and energetically expensive 400w metal halide lighting that will maintain and grow healthy reef invertebrates for years or even decades.

Very detailed specs of our diode and overall lamp output are available on our website and elsewhere, including spectrographic data for individual diodes as well as the entire fixture, and efficiency information. As far as we are aware, we offer the most efficient fixture in both lumens:watts and PUR:watts because of our proprietary diode and electronics that we produce in house (instead of merely re-selling a third party mass produced product. The numbers listed our site were measured by an independent testing facility, and can easily be confirmed by anyone that would like to put them to the test. We are convinced that providing hobbyists with the proper information to make an informed decision is the right thing to do.