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Big Al's VIP Program

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Big Al's VIP Program

We have a great rewards system in place at Bigalsonline.com that we like to call our VIP program. All customers who place orders online with a registered account (not as a guest) and those who place orders over the phone with our Customer Services reps are automatically enrolled in our VIP program.

Our VIP program has one great benefit, the collection and redemption of VIP points! VIP points are collected through every single purchase made with Bigalsonline.com no matter how small or large the order. You will receive 1 VIP point for every dollar spent on product. Once you have reached the first redemption level you can use those points to get a discount off your next order, or choose to continue saving them for a bigger, better discount later on.

Some of our redemption levels:
500pts = $10
1000pts = $25
1500pts = $35
2000pts = $60
up to 5000pts = $200

Although the max redemption level is 5000pts, you will continue to save up points beyond that if you continue purchasing without redeeming. 5000pts is simply the limit you can redeem at any one given time.

For those of you who have purchased products by calling in, you already have a VIP account, and can continue accumulating points by placing your orders over the phone. You may ask the CSR for your unique customer VIP number so that you can make sure that you accumulate points on the correct account every time you call.

If you have made your account by purchasing over the phone, but wish to access your account online for future purchases, the follow steps must be followed:

To log into your VIP account on our website to view your order history, check your points, and make purchases you will need to go to "forgot password" on the log in screen. It will ask you to enter your email address (the one the rep used for your account). You will then be emailed both your user name and TEMPORARY password for that account.

Your user name should be the email address, and your password is going to be randomized. We recommend you COPY & PASTE the password into the field since it uses unusual characters. Be sure not to copy a space in front or behind the password as it will count them as extra characters and it won't go through.

After you have correctly entered the user name and password, the following screen will contain red text telling you that the password has EXPIRED and to create a new password giving you two blank fields to do so. Once you enter your new password than your account is all yours to log into whenever you like!

Hopefully that didn't get too complicated! :)

Points can not be transferred or added to an account, so please make sure you are logged into your appropriate account when placing orders otherwise you will not be able to receive points for your purchases! (orders placed as a guest on our website will not be receiving VIP points).

Lastly we also offer DOUBLE POINTS!
Every Wednesday to Thursday afternoon is DOUBLE POINTS Days!
Placing your order during this period will earn you double the amount of VIP points. In a lot of cases this can push you straight to the first, second, or even third redemption level! It is a quick and easy way to get the most out of your big lighting, filter, or pump purchase. Even smaller purchases add up quickly when you place orders during DOUBLE POINTS days.

We hope that all of you that purchase through us will be able to take advantage of this great customer rewards program at one time or another! We love to see our customers redeem VIP points to make purchases!

Thanks again for choosing Bigalsonline.com!
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excluding heavy weight items

Newest Products: Rossmont & JNS!!!

Thank you for shopping with Bigalsonline.com!