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Comprehensive DIY LED Project List

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Bench testing DIY fixture. Its using the Coralux Storm and LDD5, four 1000s and one 700 for the violet channel.



I really need to tidy up the wiring.

I suspected that because the positive terminals on the LDD5 were continuous that they were common. I want to cut down on running 10 conductors to the Storm and instead use 6. But that didn't work.

Im a complete noob with PWM devices. I thought originally that the PWM signal just "told" the drivers how much current to give the drivers. But I notice something, when I am turning up the signal the LDD array whines until it hits 100%, then goes silent. I now suspect that it is just oscillating the the power on and off to the LEDs.

And that is why using a common doesn't work.

The Crees that im using are these.


They have the lumen output and the color I want. And is only $15.

2 Cree 2520s with 2200 lumens at 500mA and about 150% at 1000mA(at 25C which these will never run at)
20 RBs
4 Cool Blues
4 Cyan
12 varied Violets

They array chips virtually destroys the strip club effect. 5here is more shadow difference from the two arrays themselves; but no different than a multi MH setup.



Subjectively only, when all the channels are at 100% the visual color is somewhere between a 12,000 and 14,000K light with a faint purplish cast. Thats almost exactly what I was hoping for.

next build will have a few more RBs and more Violets; for the display tank. I was thinking about a Hydra over that, but I suspect that the PAR will be too low for my needs.



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Hi, maybe you can add my project http://www.nano-reef...t-finally-done/.


I plan to do a 2 T5 upgrade this weekend, so when I finish it, i will post new pictures as well.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,





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Any suggestions on a Retrofit for a Stock JBJ 28gal LED hood? This is the stock hood..

  25x1watt (14k) Daylights

  4x0.5 watt(465nm) moonlights

ANY suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

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Anyone looking for LED lights for scrubbers or fuge's, search for outdoor signage LEDs. They have all-red ones (for red sign letters) which peel and stick on, and are waterproof, and just need a driver.

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