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  • 24 Carat Gold Torch
    24 Carat Gold Torch
  • Purple and Green Hammer
    Purple and Green Hammer
    My favourite. frogspawn as well.
  • Box
     $5 in extra packaging would discourage a lot of this. With UPS/FedEx dimensional weights now a large box costs way more than just the cost of the packaging now.  Shipping has gotte...
  • Box
     My UPS driver tells me stories of the handlers stealing firearms all the time.  What the shippers need to NOT do is ship in the gun boxes that are labeled, there is a freaking gun in her...
  • Box
     UPS literally stole a $1500 custom Kimber 1911 from me. UPS box arrived at my FFL tapped up with an EMPTY kimber case inside. My UPS driver tells me stories of the handlers stealing...

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