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  • thCA8OC19M

    thx I have a single one of these growing from my live rock. similar but not same

  • thCA8OC19M

    Charmin Paly's

  • Bio Cube
    Bio Cube

    I dig the cave

  • 24 Gallons Nano Tank :) :) :)
    24 Gallons Nano Tank :) :) :)
    Love your aquascape, but tangs should ideally be kept in 90 gallon or more. They are very active swimmers and require ample open spaces. Even the largest tank can not compare to the ocean. Keeping...
  • Full Tank Shot
    Full Tank Shot
    I like them for the money. Its the green element evo 18" 3 watt led. They are really bright but blue to white coverage isn't great. But for less than 50 bucks its not bad. Look at aquatrader for them.

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