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  • Sticks & Clams
    Sticks & Clams
    This is very awesome.  But what exactly am I looking at?
  • Reef Cookie Jar
    Reef Cookie Jar
    Ha thought I was the only one who did this. I drilled two holes in the top of mine for an air tube and breather to provide flow and air. The water does need to be able to breathe from my understand...
  • leftisland
    dang thats amazing. everywhere you look is a top shelf sps.
  • inWedding
  • New LED
    New LED
    is that an jbj nano 28?  What kind of LED light is it?  I was looking at the Eco Tech Marine Radion XR15W Pro. It is a Nano-Cube 28 gallon - I removed the LED hood and went with the...

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