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Danger : inTank Air Clown One Jet Wash Area

    #### yeah
    Haha, I get it because there's an inTank sticker on the rudder... :P
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    thats a dope ass beach,probably smells like shit form all the planes though
    No smell. I have a thing for jet fuel so I wish there was one.
    Apr 09 2012 05:23 AM
    maho beach? Was there last year and it was quite awesome. Tho when the big planes take off, everything gets blown around like mad... including sand getting whipped at you.
    :) I'm going to put up a sign for my little gobies... D A N G E R Powerhead blasts of wavemaker jets can cause severe water disturbances resulting in being sucked into and/or shot from the powerhead.
    ^ that The pilot of that jet was totally screwing with them, as many do.