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Jeremy's Green Digitata


Thought the identical frags looked cool

    are you sure thats green digi?
    100% positive
    Oh wait, I work at an LFS...herp, derp I am inevitably wrong I suppose. WHAT IS IT CALLED?! It's Jeremy's Green Montipora from ORA.
    sucks dude your store got so pinned on those ORA frags. we get ours 4 times as large.
    oh no lol. I guess I should have mentioned that. Both the Red Planet and Monti are broken off pieces that I put on old plugs. I would be pissed if that's what ORA sent me lol. The last round of RP we got were frickin huge. I'll post a pic of those.
    Mar 18 2012 08:01 PM
    ORA grows sps faster than I grow my macro algae. They always sell awesome frags