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My new fish

My new fish

The royal gramma (not the clown) lots more in my tank thread http://www.nano-reef...0

    beautiful picture, very vivid
    It is the devil lol
    Lol true, royal grammas are the devil, way too agressive. Im giving out mine for free this weekend if any marylander is willing to pick him up. Good luck with yours.
    We will see if he stays peaceful. So far he has not shown any aggression, but it has only been a few days. That clown put up with a gigantic bully cardinal fish so he should be able to handle the royal gramma.

    Posted Image
    That look in his eyes is saying "You want a piece of this?"
    The clown is a tough one, but he minds his own business.
    nice pic. i never had any problem with mine, but i suppose every fish has thier own personality.